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My 3 Words for 2015

train tracks

I'm not a fan of News Year's Resolutions. They seem like the worst possible way to set goals. It's an artificial, high-pressure way to set yourself up to fail.

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4 words we need to eliminate from our vocabularies today

head in sand

There is a phrase that I see sometimes that really gets under my skin. I’ve been guilty of saying this at times, too so I’m not blameless.

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Gold nuggets from #Inbound14


This week is the Inbound Conference hosted by HubSpot and a few members of the SpinWeb team are here to learn from the best and engage in professional development to help our clients and our team.

Please stop over-analyzing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

mr icebucket

Look, we need to stop over-analyzing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Why Google+ is my new favorite social network

google plus phone

"Google+" is a ghost town!"

How to be a better business email user

email tablet

Email has been around for a gazilion years and almost everyone in the business world uses it on a daily basis.

Your admin assistant is not your marketing director part 2: a story "from the trenches"

describe the image

You may recall my last post titled "Your admin assistant (or other non-marketing trained employee) is not your marketing director." Since publishing that, I've gotten some really great responses from people who have seen or been in situations like this and have thanked be for bringing this issue into the light.

Your admin assistant (or other non-marketing trained employee) is not your marketing director

smoke ears

Ok, I can’t take it anymore.

Facebook for business is now "pay to play" - get over it

child upset

A lot of people seem to be up in arms over Facebook's move toward reducing the organic visibility of business pages. If you're not familiar with what's going on, head on over to the article "Facebook Admits Organic Reach Is Falling Short, Urges Marketers to Buy Ads" on AdvertisingAge for some background information.


Top 5 reasons to attend ThriveMap

Cj in Yellow Shirt

Are you into goal-setting? Sure you are... every December I'm sure you reflect on the year, set goals for the next year, and then promptly forget about them by February 7th.

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